Trips to Egypt

I went to Egypt for the first time with the family, in a well planned trip. Using the best of three packages and combining them, reversing the Nile cruise, we got the better. 
We started to fly from Cairo to Aswan, where we had the privilege to be the only tourist in the group taken by boat to the temple of Isis. After the brief visit of town, we all took a good five stars boat down to Luxor, stopping as usual in Edfu and Kom Ombo, and with an unexpected long wait in the sluice of Bani Himayd .
A couple of days in Luxor were enough to the essential (including Madinet Habu as exclusive visit), and from there we took a minibus with a military escort (the emotion for the boys…) to Hurghada. After a night in Gouna, the hovercraft to Sharm-el-Sheikh was quick and comfortable.
The week in Sinai passed quickly, and the trip ended with the final days in Cairo and its surroundings.
The second visit was a few years later, straight to Sharm-el-Sheikh for a week of snorkelling and much more.