Across Spain

Trips across Spain to Europe

For us, Spain is in the way to many places, or just there, behind many Portuguese places. Travelling to Europe or Africa may mean stopping here and there, to see and feel Spain.

In another page I list the trips made expressly to Spain, and here I collect the best of my experiences across Spain.

It is also possible to browse all my visited Spanish places by region.

My first big trip was in 1971, to Europe, visiting in the way Badajoz, Cáceres, Salamanca, and San Sebastian, before entering France. In the way back, we followed the north coast, visiting Bilbau, Portugalete, Santander, Palência and Zamora, before entering Portugal by Bragança.

In 1982, the biggest adventure – a visit to Morocco, in a Renault 4L. The first night was in Madrid, and the car was assaulted, damaging the lock. In Aranjuez, I had to borrow a screwdriver from a street seller to open the car, and I had to leave it open until  getting back home.
We made a nice trip across La Mancha, visiting Toledo, Valdepeñas, Jaen, Antequera and Algeciras, from where we crossed to Ceuta.

One day, when I was preparing holidays in Barcelona, I saw the advertising of a week in Croatia, leaving from Barcelona, at a very good price.

I booked it, and it was really nice, allowing a quick trip to Mostar, seeing something more of Bosnia-Herzegovina, in the way.

Returning to Spain, Gavà, the place where we should stay near Barcelona didn’t match our expectations, so, we decided to travel a little more, visiting Costa Brava. With stops in Malgrat de Mar and Platja d’Aro we spent the remaining days in Rosas, from where we visited Figueres. A good alternative!

What a long trip…
Starting in Turquel, we went south to Seville, and from them followed all the Mediterranean coast until the north of Italy.
All the most touristy beaches in Andalucia were seen, but also more remote and discreet ones, like CarbonerasMojacarGarrucha, before arriving to Barcelona to sleep, after a bad night in Motril.
In the south of France, after a night in Salon de Provence and the interesting visit of Les Baux a terrible fire didn’t allow us much time to stop, and St. Tropez, Nice, Cannes, Monaco and Genoa were seen in a hurry. 
It was fun to cross the snow of St. Gothard still with swimsuit, before proceeding to Germany, with a brief stop by Lugano lake.