Trips to Thailand

Just once in Thailand, but if it weren’t the 11 hours flying from Europe, we should have done it a few more times, so strong were the sensations and the image of the country.
From Bangkok, we took a minibus to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai and a plane to Phuket. The monsoon made us skip our beach (Karon) but Patong was perfect to swim, and Phi Phi islands even more.
The trip ended in Singapore, from where we made a brief visit to Johor Bahru, in Malaysia.
Tito returned to Thailand later, and the pictures that he brought from Krabi, Ko SamuiKo Thao or Ayuthaia, made us think:
“Well, 11 hours is only 10 plus one isn’t it?”
I will check the programs to Thailand.