Trips to Jordan

Visiting Petra was a very old dream that came to reality when I found an escorted tour leaving from Madrid, with an appealing program at a reasonable price,
The flight took us to Amman, that, I don’t now why, was almost skipped in the plan. The two days of stay in Amman were occupied with a visit to the north, seeing Gadara and Jerash​, and another one to the desert, to see the not so interesting castles of the desert – Amra, Kharana and Azrak – in a long day across an ugly desert.
The trip to the south was much more interesting, and before reaching Petra we could visit Madaba, the Dead Sea, Mount Nebo and Kerak castle.
Petra was the expected marvel, and, proceeding south we made a short but funny trip to the desert of Wadi Rum, not complaining for the lunch at 6 PM.
The trip ended in Aqaba, with some emotion because during our approach to town two missiles were fired from it to Israel.
Tourism is a serious business, and I had Jordan TV in the hotel asking me if I felt safe enough to stay.
With a war vessel patrolling the beach, two guards on horse at the entrance of the hotel, and the military forces all around, we felt safe enough to add two more days to the original plan, returning to the airport by taxi.