Trips to USA

My first trip to USA was a family visit to Disney world. In the way from Orlando, we made a stop in Cape Canaveral, before spending a week in Miami.

During that week we saw a cheap day trip to Bahamas, and used it.

The second trip was another family visit, this time up north. An escorted tour started in New York, Washington DC, Harrisburg, Corning, Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Mississauga, MontrealQuebecToronto,  and Laurentides, where we took the return flight.

My third trip was a professional one. Starting in New York, we drove to Corning and Rochester, from where we visited Niagara Falls. Returning to New York we visited a glass studio in Brooklyn.

The fourth trip was also a professional one. The objective was Seattle, from where we visited Tacoma. Flying back to the east coast we stopped in Pittsburgh, from where we drove to Newark with another stop in Corning.

Still a professional objective in my fifth visit. Saint Louis was the destinations for a few days, and, as our return flight was from Philadelphia, we allowed ourselves an extra day to visit the city.

The sixth and last visit (so far) was to the West coast, with Fernanda. With a stopover in New York in both ways, we visited California, starting in San Francisco, where, hiring a car, we made short trips to Sausalito and Oakland, before going south to Monterei and, Carmel. After crossing the Big Sur, we arrived in San Simeon, where we visited Hearst Castle, before proceeding to Santa Bárbara, and Los Angeles.
After a couple of days in town, we delivered the car at the airport, to fly to Las Vegas. I knew that the prices in weekend double in Vegas, so I took the weekend to visit the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley, in an overnight trip from Las Vegas, with a stop at Brice Canyon and a flight over Lake Powel and Rainbow bridge.
​After that it was time to return, with the planned stop in New York.