Trips to France


My first trip to France was in 1971. Leaving a closed country under the heavy dictatorship of Salazar, France was a breeze of freedom and development.
After a first night in Bayonne, we spent a few days in Confolens, to attend the International folk dance festival, visiting Oradur-sur-Glane and Limoges before heading to Paris, seeing Poitiers, Tours, Blois and Orleans in the way.
London, Belgium and Netherlands were also in the way, before the return to Portugal along Spanish northern coast

After a couple of days in Paris, in 1977, returning from Germany, I made a second trip to France in 1979. After following the Spanish southern coast, we did the same in France, before entering in Italy and Switzerland, in the way to Dortmund.
We were unlucky, and after a calm swim in Saint-Tropez, a big fire caught us in Côte d’Azur for hours, between Frejus and Saint Raphael, forcing us to skip Nice and Cannes before dinning in Monaco.
Well, we weren’t so unlucky… the news in Germany, upon arrival three days later counted 49 deaths in that fire

In 1989 Berlin wall felt and we decided to visit Berlin in the following summer.
Paris was in the way, for the first time for the kids, and in the way back I decided to had a few more places to the visited France – Strasbourg, Chamonix, Megève, Annecy, Lyon, Pont du Gard, and Avignon didn’t leave time to the desired stop in Nimes, before visiting Carcassonne in the way to Andorra

Returning from Canada with scale in Paris, I decided to stay a few more days in France to visit Normandie. With Mont St Michel on the top, they were very rich days, starting i Versailles to fight the jetlag, and visiting Bayeux, Arromanches, Longues, and Saint-Malô before returning to Paris to pick the plane back home.

A few more times in France, two of them to visit Nancy, were not enough to consider in a known country.

I will return to France, just don’t know when and to see what, but I will relate it later