Trips to Andorra

I only went to Andorra twice, the first one expressly to buy one camcorder. 
The price was excellent but the camera didn’t reach Portugal – in the way back it was stolen in Valência.
It was hard, but Andorra had nothing to do with it and I’ve been there once more, just passing by in a longer trip.
Later, Tito went there in winter with some friends.
Snow – another world in Andorra that I never met.

In 1989 I decided to make my first great trip with the kids. To start, Andorra was a temptation to buy a camera, and, passing quickly by Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca and Avila, after a first night in Madrid and a quick view of the city, the second leg, with a single stop in Monasterio de Piedra, took us straight to Andorra. A full day shopping around, and the third day, already filming, allowed the visit of Monserrate, skipping Barcelona to sleep in Salou.
The third leg took us to Valencia, to pick the ferry to Palma de Majorca, with a stop in Ibiza. Half an hour after arrival, the car was assaulted during the day, and the camera was gone.
The trip proceeded according to the plans, but the week in Altea and the visit of Almeria and Torremolinos before arriving in Algarve didn’t have the same enthusiasm.

I repeated Andorra in the following year. The objective was to see the recently felt Berlin wall, visiting in the way San Sebastian, Paris and Brussels, stopping in Dortmund to stay in a family’s house. After the day trip to Berlin, the return was long, with many stops to sleep: Rhine Valley, Strasbourg, Geneve, Chamonix, Lyon, Carcassonne, Andorra and Soria, before arriving to Portugal
That long trip included brief visits of Koblenz, Heidelberg, Annecy, Pont du Gard, Avignon, and a few more places.