Trips to Germany

In 1977 I visited Germany for the first time, driving in a direct trip from Portugal, before arriving half dead in Dortmund the next day. Dortmund was all that I saw that time, with a couple of days in Paris, returning by train.

I made a second trip to France and Germany  in 1979. After following the Spanish southern coast, we did the same in France, before entering in Italy and Switzerland, in the way to Dortmund.

A brief stop to sleep in the south, a quick passage in the Black Forest didn’t add much to what I knew in Germany

In 1989 Berlin wall felt and we hurried to visit Berlin in the following summer, staying, once more, in Dortmund.
Paris was in the way, for the first time for the kids, and in the way back I decided to have a look of Rhine Valley, and add a few more places to the visited France – Strasbourg, Chamonix, Megève, Annecy, Lyon, Pont du Gard, and Avignon didn’t leave time to the desired stop in Nimes, before visiting Carcassone in the way to Andorra.
Language was a strong barrier and, travelling with children we didn’t take much risks, however, the Rhine was a small adventure.

My third time in Germany was a short visit to Zwiesel, before taking the train to Prague.