Trips to Morocco

Twice in Morocco, two completely different trips. The first one, in 1982 was a big adventure, as an independent couple travelling in a country already opening to tourism, but where the different cultures and languages were a good opportunity to all kind of scams and dangers. Elsewhere I will tell the story in detail, but here just a short mention to the visit of Tetouan, Fes. Meknes, Rabat, Casablanca, Kenitra, Asilah and Tangier, passing by the sad historical references (to the Portuguese) of Ksar-el-Kebir and Ksar-Seghir.
The unforgettable medina of Fes made me feel “out of scale”, for the first time (the second, in opposition, was in Florida)

The second visit was perfectly safe, in a package after a week in the beach in Agadir with all the family. To the most important cities visited in the first time, we added, MarrakeshEssaouiraSafi and El Jadida..
​The medina of Fes was rebuilt after a serious fire, and the image was not so intense.